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Because although his party took the money, I expect Boris taught Lubov Chernukhin a backhand slice that will usually cause the ball to go out and lose the point, causing humiliation for her and her evil oligarch friends.

I hope that’s perfectly clear.” With similar consistency, the City of London has been resolute over the years, insisting that no matter how much money Putin’s oligarchs may have, their money isn’t welcome in an institution as ethically pure as the British banking system.

Anyway, now that’s cleared up, would you like a vodka?

” Boris Johnson claims to be leading the world in being tough against the Russians, and this donation proves it.

And I can’t see any reason why we should suspect she was ever a supporter of Putin.

I expect whenever Putin came round to her house, she said, “Hello, Mr Putin – I don’t care what my husband says, I think you should leave the Crimea alone and stop poisoning people and you look a right twat in your portraits, and please put your shirt on.

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