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The government made Magyar (Hungarian) the official language and outlawed all other languages.It closed schools and adopted other measures to abolish ethnic cultures in Hungary.The remaining population consists primarily of Czechs, Jews, and Carpatho-Rusyns. Slightly more than 60 percent of Slovakia's inhabitants are Roman Catholic while 8.4 percent are Protestant.Although most ethnic Hungarians belong to the Reformed church, Lutherans constitute the country's largest Protestant denomination.

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In 1526, after the Ottoman Turks conquered the southern section of its kingdom, Hungary became part of the Hapsburg Empire.

In the 860s Christianity was introduced into the empire.

In 907 Magyars, a semi-nomadic people from the northeast, invaded the empire and established the Kingdom of Hungary, which incorporated modern-day Slovakia.

World War I opened the way for dismembering the Austro-Hungarian Empire and letting its subject nationalities create independent countries.

As a result the Czech and Slovak lands were united, and Czechoslovakia was created on October 28, 1918.

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