Updating map on tom tom one

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To learn more about the update process for these devices, read the FAQ: "How to update a PRO 8270/8275 Before you can check if a new map is available for a PRO navigation device, the support application "My Drive Connect" must be installed on a computer and the navigation device must be connected to the computer via USB.Note: To learn more about My Drive Connect and the installation process, read the FAQ: How to install My Drive Connect.

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A list of any applicable updates will be displayed.

Availability check and installation When a PRO navigation device is connected to a computer with My Drive Connect installed, the support application will start automatically and inform you if a newer version of the installed map is available for download and installation.

Hint: If you update multiple devices on the same computer you only need to download the map once.

When you purchase most new Tom Tom devices, the company gives you some time to download any updates released since your unit was manufactured.

This way, you know you’ll have the most up-to-date information when you start using your device.

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