Updating fedora 9 to fedora 10

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Still, if you do manage to download a DVD, you won't need to worry much about accessing online repositories during the actual upgrade, which should speed up the process.

Instead of downloading an entire disk image, a simpler alternative is to add to the repositories your system recognizes.

Since this spring a fourth option is to install Fedora's Pre Upgrade package.

Once a release is available, you can run Pre Upgrade at any time by entering the command as root (in Fedora 10 and later, you will be able to start the program directly from Package Kit, the default software installer).

With these preliminaries out of the way, you can start to think of which upgrade process you are going to use.

In other words, delay too long and the main advantage of this method is lost.

During the upgrade you can use a free driver instead, since an upgrade hardly requires 3-D graphics.

As a final preliminary, if you have SELinux enabled, turn it to permissive mode, so that it does not react to attempts to change configuration files.

The Fedora 9 Install Guide summarizes this method neatly: The installation system automatically detects any existing installation of Fedora.

The upgrade process updates the existing system software with new versions, but does not remove any data from users' home directories.

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