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But I'm a bad example, my soul was burned so bad it'd be surprising if there was light in there again. lol yuck, but who knows) I would think she'd be badly disapointed in what she finds left. Hmmm, let's see, soulmate, yeah I file that under unicorn and big foot.(yawn)Are there people we find a closer affinity to than others?

Of course, you can have one of those things, where your mind goes to the same thoughts, finish each others sentences, have great sex, enjoy the same things, talk for hours.

The problem I see(not to burst anyones bubble) is this all represents 'rose colored glasses' kind of thinking.

When they break or come off, you need to know you found a good person, not an imagined heroine or hero!

No Who ever came up with the words, soul mates, should be beat with a wet noodle.

I don't think I believe in the concept of the soulmate anymore.I would be sad to think of him being lonely or alone.I believe in soul mates and they are hard to what if they died? so, while I believe, I also believe that we can find another person whowe can love deeply and share life with.there are several people we can share this life with.meaning if your are divorced or you spouse yes, you can find your soul mate on POF but I would not count on it.Every living creature is born with a soul, so I believe it is also not necessarily true that our guardian is even human. It might not have been literally like that..was a mirror of how the spiritual world works. According to the story, Adam removed a rib and created a woman from his extracted rib. I can see church people spicing up the story to make it sound like a Disney fairy tale love story.Further, if they were, I sense there is only the most remote chance they might be a romantic match. I got my idea from my religion that teaches soulmates originated from Adam and Eve who at first were One person with both feminine and masuline within. I wonder if Adam met all of Eve's "must have" qualities on her list.

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