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It’s that women and people read as women have spent millennia suffering at the whim of men’s emotions.

We should question the impact of men’s desire for sex robots as an outlet for these emotions.

Chinese authorities seek to get tough on online dating scams with fresh move to target fake identities One of the apps, identified as Moucheng, defrauded over a million users who paid a total of 340 million yuan, the report said.

The gangs, operating under various company names, were spread across 13 provinces and cities in China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen.

Roxxxy and similar sex robots are perfect examples of technology purposefully designed to conform to sexist and racist tropes, but they aren’t the only embodiments of the bias that makes its way into our robots.

Purposeful introduction of stereotypes — what Joanna Bryson, AI researcher and professor of computer science at the University of Bath, calls “evil programmers,” with a bit of a laugh — represent only one of three reasons that we end up with technology that perpetuates bias.

What men want is everything they demand from women, without any of the effort or care required in an actual human relationship.

In the near-decade since her big reveal, no one has laid eyes on a Roxxxy doll in the wild.

Hines has avoided any official displays of her talents, and no customers have been willing to expose her — and inevitably themselves — to public scrutiny, so it is impossible to say if she can even perform all the sexist stereotypes with which she is advertised.

Bryson recently co-authored a study about implicit bias, the second way robots learn our bad behavior, from things as simple as studying human languages.

You know the saying: “History is written by the victors.” Take that to its logical technological conclusion: If robots learn about us just from reading everything we say or write, they will pick up on the same subtle biases that “the victors” — privileged people with a platform — perpetuate unconsciously.

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