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Reynolds, who also owned Fort Smith's two major newspapers — the Southwest American and Times Record (later merged as the Southwest Times Record) — and KFSA-AM 950.KFSA radio personality Pat Porta hosted the first broadcast.It signed on for the first time on July 9, 1953 as KFSA-TV on channel 22.It was owned by American Television Company, Inc., which was run by Donald W.

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KFSA-TV, Channel 22, signed off permanently on August 16, 1958.

Talks between Reynolds and KNAC's owner, businessman Hiram Nakdeiman, resulted in an agreement to merge the two stations.

The merged station would operate under the KFSA license, but they would use the stronger channel 5 facility.

The two stations' operations were merged at a converted furniture warehouse in downtown Fort Smith at North 5th and B Streets that had originally been renovated for KNAC.

After the license transfer was finalized in January 1959, the KFSA-TV calls were assigned to channel 5.

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