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after hitler came to power in 1933, the nazi party had gained a majority in the reichstag and the enabling act made it possible for hitler to spread such propaganda against the jews.

the fact that a little girl whatever the age can say that is disgusting and how she canome to establish that as a conclusion on the pathetic reasons why jews should be treated like rubbish is demented she apparently hasa twisted way of thinking if shes bold enough to go out even to the extent of a public paper to say that I don't get why Hitler did what he did to the jews. I can't begin to imagine what they went through and to think that I've experienced bad things. It is so horrifying to think about what all of those people went thru, and cannot believe what kind of a sick person would create such a mass genocide.Hitler had no convincing to do; he simply brought forth what had been part of the German mentality for centuries.Read Daniel Goldenhagen's "Hitler's Willing Executioners," a thoroughly documented history of Germany's rife antisemitism.i am not jewish but still cannt understand how something so horrible could have happene. he began to have tears in his eyes with hurt and disbelief.i explained the best i could of the horrific time that jews were brutized and killed.

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