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If you have any additional books we should add please add them in the comments.” Roundup by: Tzvi Schectman | Date: December 5, 2011 Intro: “Here are 15 great books that you can read to your child or classroom that will help explain special needs to children.

Has your child ever asked you why Jeff can’t talk, why Olivia can’t walk, why does Jeremy wave his hands?

Parents are desperate to find the help their child needs, and in these books they should find help and hope for a better future.” Intro: “Parenting is often difficult; therefore, harness the power of storytelling to help improve your children’s behavior.

Children often identify with the main characters in books, so what better way to learn how it is growing up in some other child’s shoes, or wheel chair, or in a home with a sibling who has special needs?

Sharing books about these topics is one place to start making life easier for our children with special needs—and those who love and care for them.” Intro: “Parents and teachers, are you looking for resources to make inclusion work in your school or community activities?

When our kids with special needs learn new skills that make them more independent, it helps the entire family.

Are you at a loss about how to explain special needs to your child?

” Terri Mauro is a former blog manager for Friendship Circle and Parenting Special Needs guide for

Special Needs Book Review has been a fan of these books since the publication of the first entry in each series.” Intro: “This post will introduce you to five wonderful children’s books that when shared and discussed with the children in your care will open their eyes and hearts to the challenges of others.

Moreover, the life skills learned in many of these books help all kids grow into happier and more confident individuals who have learned how to regulate their emotions and senses.

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