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The first time Chapleau met Dempsey's family in Virginia, he was a little surprised at the number of Thai idols and religious icons in the house, but the awkward moments didn't come from interacting with the Thai part of Dempsey's family."Interestingly there were more awkward moments with the white side of her family," Chapleau said.

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However, if you've been in an interracial relationship, you know that awkward situations can come up.

Dempsey is half Thai and half white, and Chapleau is Jewish.

Chapleau was interested right away, but he didn't approach Dempsey until she quit.

Initially she was worried about Russell integrating with her big Haitian family."I knew that he would be more involved in my family life," she said. "I found out very early on that there really wasn't much difference in how both of us thought, " said Russell.

Both Lauriston and Russell value family time so the awkward moments are mild."There are always going to be those moments," said Lauriston.

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