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Where cheats and security holes used to prevail, they're gone now. I don't believe a serious hack is possible without (a) huge resources (which kinda defeats the purpose), and (b) an employee or 10 helping you out (thus adding criminal conspiracy to the shopping list of charges). If we did know of a way to do this, we'd forget it.While it surely didn't target gamers, it did set precedent. Also, we noticed that the currency in computer games is, in a way, real money. While you don't own the "money", it seems you do own something (exactly what you own is a question of some serious legal interest just now). [...] IMVU grants you a limited, personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the Software and to use and display and to make copies incidental to use and display of the Materials and to use this Site and the Software solely for your personal use.They decided the account didn't infringe upon their code? Lo and behold I spent well over a month back and forth with their so-called "Support" team.They didn't read the messages, and I received the same copy and paste answers.And if the game deals with real money (like Second Life, IMVU or any online casino), those companies are currently under review from people like the California and Nevada Gaming Commissions (as well as a few other states), the California State Franchise Tax Board, and the Internal Revenue Service. The game company will detect this (unlike real, EVERY monetary transaction is recorded and serialized - in real, this wouldn't be legal - in IMVU it's just part of the design). Except for the license set forth in the preceding sentence above, you acknowledge and agree that you have no right to modify, edit, copy, reproduce, create derivative works of, reverse engineer, alter, enhance or in any way exploit any of the Materials or the Software in any manner . Modification is not allowable by their To U, therefore, it's a ban-able offense. Even the US Department of State and the Federal Trade Commission can get involved if you go international on this. You solicited a federal criminal act (by implying you'd like someone to hack a system thus breaking a federal law). You are a party after the fact (just as if you knowingly received money from a burglary). Interstate trafficking in stolen goods (if it's on the Internet, it's federal, yes? Once detected they will expel you fast, hard and forever. This is unlikely too, as safe crackers and their ilk don't typically take it upon themselves to teach strangers how to use their tools, especially strangers who only want to use the tool and not do the actual work.

But now I have to send them a "Selfie" of me holding up my photo ID. I've been using IMVU for well over a decade now, I've paid for the "verified" user nonsense on two different accounts.The site lures you in with its game play feel, and then you are systematically assaulted in every way to purchase this, and that.A month ago I was sent a private message from an account using my name, my pictures, and disgusting messages in its interests. First, computer gaming went from something a handful of hobbyists did (a tiny market) to something that nearly everyone does (a huge market). Games now use the same encryption most militaries and banks use - and you aren't cracking that in a hurry. The least you'll get is they take your money and/or ID. If you want in-game currency for these games, you can almost always buy it legitimately from the game company itself. [...] IMVU Currencies cannot be used for any kind of wagering, betting or gambling either within or outside of our Site. This isn't to say there's no way to cheat at an online game - this is to say it's right on the knife edge of being impossible without an insider helping you. We surely wouldn't tell you how to break the law, especially in such a manner as would risk our involvement. If someone else tells you there's a great way to do this, they're lying, insane, trying to scam you, or acting as bait for the game company or law enforcement (and don't even think about entrapment - you're the one soliciting the illegal act in this case) - or any or all of the above. Directly from IMVU's Terms of Use under part titled Currency: [...] The Site includes in-world fictional currencies ("Currencies" or "Credits" or "Promo Credits" or "Predits" or "Dev Tokens" or "DT") [...] Regardless of terminology used, IMVU Currencies are not redeemable for any sum of real world money or monetary value from IMVU at any time.

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