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Hispanic women possess two distinctive physical traits that men love: Did I forget to mention they come with less baggage than black women?

If so, hispanic woman dating black man sisters alone.

" The research we talked about in that post also addresses the issue of interracial dating, so I thought it would be interesting to return to that paper again and ask a new question: Do women value ethnicity over income in a mate?

Every other observable characteristic about these two people is identical.

What would X have to be in order to make a woman prefer the man in the other ethnic group? An African-American man would have to earn 4,000 more than a white man in order for a white woman to prefer him. If income was the more important factor in mate choice these numbers would be small; it would take very little additional income to entice a woman to date a man of a different race.

If you ask an individual if they prefer to date someone their own race, the majority of people will say that they have no same-race preference.

In the online dating data we are talking about today, for example, among whites, 49% of all women and 22% of men declare a preference for white mates while only 30% of black women and 8% of black man declare a preference for black mates.

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