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I personally feel exploited by their ‘girl power’ angle, which exists at the expense of some of us who went through a difficult time on that show,” Hilarie wrote on Twitter. No thanks.” Hilarie then received backlash from members of the Eye Con organization, so Sophia decided to write a lengthy letter in support of her pal.

He was invited back multiple times, until more than one of us women was alerted and then jointly said expressly that we would never do another con if he were present.

We are so defensive of one another because it's that whole sibling thing where I can tease you and we can goof around, but if anybody else says a word .

came forward with sexual harassment allegations against showrunner Mark Schwahn.

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Now, that would have been FINE – lovely, even – IF THEY HAD SPOKEN TO US ABOUT THIS. And now they are defending themselves by saying that Mark took advantage of them too?

She is a big-hearted, brilliant, thoughtful, incredible human. Whose sisterhood circled around her, and each other, to see to it that he be stopped from treating other women in such a way? Any of us who has spoken about this – in interviews, on panels, at conferences – has been ASKED FIRST. They announced a deeply personal theme and intention, which revolves in this context, around what all OTH fans know happened to us, without thinking about us at all.

A woman whose personal victimization took the world’s stage this past fall? None of those women will have their past be made fair game fodder without their EXPRESS PERMISSION and CONSENT. I’ve seen fans attacking each other over whose abuse is worse?! ’ I thought that kind of bullsh-t was reserved for mansplaining. Here’s me ALSO expressing my emotions of anger and disgust and saying that I’m out. I wasn’t going to attend because I too felt icky about the ‘theme’ given the complete lack of conversation about it.

He pulled a few strings and managed to get them hired without them having to submit a compulsory criminal background check. “Hey, we’re having a coffee,” Manny explained as he shrugged his shoulders. “I want everything, and I mean everything, perfect! I don’t pay you to stand around and drink coffee.” She stomped off to berate a couple lighting technicians. He had had lots of fun back home in Nebraska as a teenager, but once he hit the streets of L. When they let you in, you go to the back side of the soundstage building to loading bay #3.

Although the two of them were on probation, they still had a bit of fun every now and then. Megan Portland was their boss but as far as Manny and Todd were concerned, she was just a typical blonde Hollywood bimbo. A., it was like being at an all-you-can-eat buffet. The long arm of the law finally caught up to him and he did his first stint in jail at the age of 20. And now here they were, preparing to rape two of the hottest teen stars in Hollywood!

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