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In 1865, when Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was published by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), it was five years past since Britain's victory in the Second Opium War and one year after the end of the Taiping Rebellion and in the middle of the Dungan revolt, a rebellion of the Hui, Uighers, and other Muslim minority groups in China (the Taiping Rebellion was actually lead by a Christian convert, Hóng Xiùquán 洪秀全, who proclaimed himself the brother of Christ).

The sale and smoking of opium in China was banned since 1729 and reaffirmed in 1799.

He reiterated that the government would electrify all villages by 2012 creating a capacity of 78,500 MWs.

I found Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland to be an enjoyable film, but a bit underwhelming.

There was nothing wondrous about "Underland", as it's known in the film, and no spectacular visuals you might expect from a dream world...one thing that upset me was the ahistorical idea that Alice's little multinational would be "the first to trade with China". Not the first European to trade with China, the Portuguese arrived in Macau in 1535.

The British East India Company established a post in Canton (Guangzhou) in 1711.

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