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You pass the skills more quickly but people can take as long as they want, it's a personal journey.A MIXED Martial Arts (MMA) gym opening new premises in Haddington could receive a £500 donation within the next few weeks.For the uninitiated, roller derby is a fast and furious full contact sport, which sees two teams of five race each other around a track with their jammer attempting to score points by lapping the other team.Blockers try to stop the opposing jammer from passing, while also assisting their own jammer, playing offence and defence simultaneously.Originally it was a group of friends but the growing number led to the gym looking for new premises.

But in the years since she had only donned her skates for the odd roller disco with her children.It didn't take Louise long to get hooked, as much to the camaraderie off the track as the racing on it. "It's been nice for me to be in the Southampton City Rollers from quite early on and to be able to help shape it.The Southampton team was set up in 2014, and Louise joined around a year later, having started skating with the more established Portsmouth Roller Wenches, along the south coast. I've seen it grow from being a very small team to being quite big. "There is amazing camaraderie in team, which is mostly made up of women," she says.Frank Bell wrote to Haddington Community Council earlier this week asking for a contribution to the gym.Powerhouse MMA has secured premises at the former Ideal Garage in the town and is looking to buy various pieces of equipment.

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