Dating rejection lines

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Woman: Sure, my number is 911-8473 (works better if you write it down) Man: Do you think it was fate which brought us together?

Your mouth is writing checks that your body can't cash." Man: "If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together." Woman: "They got it right the first time with the N and O." Man: "I'd really like to get into your pants." Woman: "No thanks. Man: "Hey, baby, if you come home with me, I can show you a really good time." Woman: "You know what your problem is? , They're softball pants because my ass is out of your league. Woman: No But I'm an Angel and died fifteen years ago just like that pick up line. Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing. Man: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put you between F and CK Woman: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put you before GLY Man: Hey baby, what's your sign? Woman: Unfertilized Man: Your body is like a temple.

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