Dating for disabled women

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I also worried that he wouldn’t find me attractive. He’s moved on and I now have a new partner, Alan, who is incredible.

It’s a big thing for a relationship and you have to be strong to deal with it. He knew I had MS before we got together and he’s been more supportive than I could ever imagine. He fell in love with me and accepts everything about me, the good bits and the bad bits. I suppose if I were like it all the time I’d be used to the looks I get. But for all the times MS annoys me, it’s made me think about life in a completely new way. She lives in London with her boyfriend, Will, a researcher.

We’d been together for about four years and, looking back, I think that it wasn’t what he’d “signed up for”.

He also had a demanding job and he realised that he didn’t want to give that up or have to support me in the future.

Mathy Selvakumaran, 24, from Nottinghamshire, is single and studying for a Ph D at Sheffield University.

She has a congenital myopathy, which predominantly affects her leg and arm muscles If you met me and I were sitting down, you might not notice my disability – it’s “hidden” to a degree.

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I have no interest in sugar coating things, nor do I want to make it more of a big deal than it is. Only message me if you’re a small, hairless (preferably Asian) slave up for fun with whips and chains who will act like an alpha male in front of my dad.”“I’m def a party girl; like totally only happy if I’m simultaneously drinking ecstasy with my vodka, giving a hand job to a guy from TOWIE and posing for one of those AMAZEBALLS branded nightclub photos. Does the quality, or lack thereof, of girls put me off? There are plenty of normal, even attractive and interesting people on there too.

I don’t use a wheelchair but I have mobility issues that affect my arms and legs, which makes walking and lifting things difficult.

When it comes to relationships, I feel this prevents me from being attractive – and I often get the sense that people judge me on my disability.

• Multiple sclerosis: the facts and fictions The cracks began to show when I didn’t let him help me as much as other people.

I tried to hide my symptoms, as though I were trying still to be the old me.

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