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As the Phantom camera rolled, team members swatted a cup of Jell-O with a tennis racket, blasted Mr.

Tepper in the face with mini-marshmallows fired from a T-shirt gun and dropped an egg onto the blades of a drone hovering at shoulder level, splattering several members of the team with an al dente aeronautic omelet as they doubled over in laughter. Paul attempted a fire-breathing stunt involving dish soap, butane and cornstarch. Tepper’s firm warnings (“Dude, I’m serious”), a cameraman ignited a puff of flammable foam in Mr. The Team 10 leader then blew a pillow-size fire ball into the warm Hollywood air, then turned to the camera triumphantly, squawking, “I’m a dragon!

Too dull.“We need to do something where we light something on fire,” one team member said.

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“Literally, by saying the word ‘bro’ I do try to come off like a high school kid having fun,” he said. But it comes out on camera.”The morning calm doesn’t last long.

”The stunt made global headlines and turned the You Tube prankster into a social media villain.

A “moronic menace to society,” Canada’s National Post called him; an “absolute terror,” according to Mashable, “the worst person on earth,” in the words of Deadspin. Paul and his devotees, who track his pranks religiously and call themselves “Jake Paulers,” the incident was something much greater.“It was gold,” he said.

At that day’s morning workout, for instance, an hour of sweat yielded 26 seconds of usable footage.

Next, the team headed to a Ralphs supermarket on Sunset Boulevard, where they roamed the aisles brainstorming other stunts.“Yo, what about just pouring milk into cereal? Paul asked the group, his eyes partly hidden by his trademark “yellers,” or yellow aviator sunglasses.

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