Dating advice for men with vasectomies online dating trouble

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I'm normally a really frugal guy so I won't feel too guilty about spending 0 so that I'm not stuck with a 0K bill.Access to the list of doctors who accepted to sterilize young, childless adults with minimal fuss. Feel free to add your doctor too if you had a good experience!Either way, this isn't my first time going to a non-military doctor for an elective procedure and I am not hurting on money.The military supplies complete coverage for active duty service members.I received a vasectomy at 23 courtesy of my Tri-Care coverage in Wyoming. My care provider had to speak with the ranking doctor on the installation who I think is a Brigadier General or a Colonel and that is who gave him the criteria.

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If not, make sure you're on leave long enough to get off the meds, at least, and guard your records and scripts like they belong at Fort Knox.

I imagine you could avoid major trouble over the meds as long as you've got the documentation, but it'd suck to get hit with a piss test and have to explain why you're on narcotics that True, it's cheaper to fund a vasectomy than a family.

Not worth dealing with the run around and paperwork that the army loves so much. And like I said, 6 months and I'll be a civilian again.

You're probably courting trouble with your chain of command by going outside of TRICARE to get it done unless you've already informed them.

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