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For more about faulting, and in particular the meaning of the value returned from Sometimes you need to use managed objects on a temporary basis, for example, to calculate an average value for a particular attribute.Loading a large number of objects into memory causes your object graph, and memory consumption, to grow.This is illustrated in the following code fragment: If you know something about how the data will be accessed or presented, you can further refine the fetch predicate to reduce the number of objects fetched.Note, though, that this technique can be fragile—if the application changes and needs a different set of data, you can end up prefetching the wrong objects.Note, however, that invoking key-value coding methods on the collection object might in turn result in an invocation of method that accesses the object’s persistent properties, this will cause a fault to fire.Note that just because a managed object is a fault, it does not necessarily mean that the data for the object is not in memory—see the definition for ), the destination of a relationship is represented by a fault.

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When you fetch some objects, sometimes you know that soon after you will also need related objects which may be represented by faults.

How you use predicates can significantly affect the performance of your application.

If a fetch request requires a compound predicate, you can make the fetch more efficient by ensuring that the most restrictive predicate is the first, especially if the predicate involves text matching ( If you are using the SQLite store, you can use a fetch limit to minimize the working set of managed objects in memory and so improve the performance of your application.

As the complexity of an application increases, the proportionate overhead that Core Data imposes typically decreases. Implementing and supporting undo and redo in a large application, for example, is usually difficult.

uses an internal storage mechanism for data that is highly optimized.

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