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He has never left - since he took early retirement at 55, the Thames has been the centre of this unmarried mudlark's life.

After close consultation with the tide tables, he takes his spade, fork, metal detector and bucket down to the river - usually between Tower Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge - a few hours before low tide.

Anthony Pilson knows better than most that there's more to the muddy Thames than meets the eye.

Over the past 30 years, Anthony, 76, has plucked thousands of treasures, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, from the river's silt and clay.

There's a brass one, sealed with bright blue glass, with a strip of paper beneath reading 'Wilkes and Liberty'.

Since then, he has found cannonballs by Traitor's Gate, religious badges dropped by medieval pilgrims and small statues of deities sacrificed to the river by devout Indians over the past 20 years.'Of course, there are diminishing returns as more and more is pulled out of the river.'But you'll never clear it out completely and experience tells you where people have been before.' The Thames around London is the best spot in the world for mudlarks, with the north side by the City more stuffed with finds than the south.Over the years, he has also donated many historic children's toys he has discovered, changing the view of academics who had thought children rarely played in medieval days.Tony embarked on his quest for treasure in 1973, when he bought his first metal detector.

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