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She adds: “It was cool but I looked at it more like an experience and a byproduct of doing what I loved, not, ‘This is so awesome that I’m famous’.

I loved being in the wrestling ring for my job and seeing places I hadn’t seen, and okay, if you’re inspired by that, or you’re into, then great.” Check out the whole interview, which is an excellent listen, here.

But having felt like I’d done everything I could possibly do as a female in the business, and the schedule, and the career taking up so much of your time, that it wasn’t like, ‘I’ll still do this and collect a paycheck while still doing this’.

As a result of her personal life, Dumas' character Lita began to be "booed" for the first time by the fans during this time.

It wasn’t my body, it wasn’t my head, it was like, alright, I feel like I’ve done everything there is to do right now.” Commenting on why she decided to leave the WWE in November 2006, the four-time champion reveals: “It was time to renew my contract.

They’d started doing negotiations, and I was like, ‘How about this.

Because I felt I had gone as far as I could go as a woman in the business, it had become a paycheck.

It’s fairly easy for me to go out there and do my thing and not really feel stimulated from it, which isn’t a horrible thing — you go in waves in any career, whether you’re feeling stimulated or not.

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