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Goldie Hawn, aged 68It’s not hard to see where Kate and Oliver Hudson got their good-looks from - 67-year-old Goldie Hawn is as vivacious today as when she hit the big time with the film Private Benjamin in 1980.

Twiggy, aged 64Twiggy had a look that launched a thousand trends in the 1960s, and her personal style now is as fashionable as it was back then.

It’s hard to believe that it has taken so long as the interior designer is hardly a shrinking violet.

She favours a more-is-more approach to dressing, pairing striking combinations of bold colours with layers of statement jewellery. Jane Birkin, aged 67Having a Hermès handbag named after you brings a certain amount of pressure - but 67-year-old Jane Birkin shows no signs of cracking.

While the English actress happily showed off her fabulous figure in catsuits and miniskirts back in the 1960s and 1970s, these days she prefers to wear men’s suits and chic tailoring over skimpy dresses.

Grace Coddington, aged 73The former model and creative director Grace Coddington inspired a new generation of fashionistas when she appeared in The September Issue, a documentary set in the offices of American Vogue.

Mary Berry, aged 79We can only hope that eating cakes all day will help us look as good as Mary Berry does at 78!

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Sixty-seven-year-old Sally has a penchant for bright red dresses and pretty details.

She champions new fashion designers and always makes room in her (surely vast) wardrobe for plenty of print, texture and colour - all topped off with that iconic bob.

Diane von Fürstenberg, aged 67Formerly Princess Diane zu Fürstenberg, the Belgian-born American fashion designer certainly has a regal air about her, which she combines with impeccable style (she’s often seen wearing look-at-me patterns and knee-skimming dresses), and a beautiful mane of bouncy curls.

In contrast to her print-loving contemporary Anna Wintour, and the fanciful fashion pages she puts together for the magazine, Grace is most at home in head-to-toe black - all the better for showing off her striking red hair and porcelain-like complexion.

Debbie Harry, aged 68A sultry voice, killer cheekbones and bleach-blonde hair helped raise Debbie Harry to iconic status as the frontwoman for the 1980s band Blondie.

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