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Writes Wieseltier: “This is not just a journalistic delinquency.

It is also a metaphysical one.” Gawker regrets the error.

In fact, the column even has a nice transition from Reeves's fact-based approach to Brooks's—what's the best word—bullshit-based approach.columnist David Brooks is trying to make in his new column, and on this point we agree.Unfortunately, "trying to make" and "successfully making" are two very different things, and Brooks's latest lives decidedly in the former as he embodies every gross attitude that people hate about "elites" and shares an anecdote that makes him sound like the lunch date from hell. Brooks talks about reading a book that really stuck with him.But, you know, in writing, it actually seems to be an anecdote about how David Brooks's friend JUST WANTED MEXICAN FOOD.It's Brooks who assumes that his friend is intimidated by soppressata (let's overlook the fact that Mexican food menus are typically..Spanish), and how the "well-educated" put these words on menus and make it so David Brooks's high school–educated friend gets scared!

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