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Plant-based miticides sting bee mortality Plant-based miticides that act against Varroa destructor mites may help stem honeybee deaths - several plant-derived miticides activate a sensory protein found on the mites’ front legs.

10 Years of Manuka Honey Science Manuka Health is preparing to celebrate 10 years of manuka honey science next year.

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That ruling came after the MPI withdrew export approvals, blocking the firm's sales into certain markets.Eyes On Hives: App uses real-time analytics to monitor beehive health Liberty-loving humans may not like the idea of mass surveillance, but for the embattled bees, technology that monitors their numbers may help in the epic fight against colony collapse disorder.Call to regulate manuka honey ‘theft’ Unethical practices by beekeepers who install hives on land in the vicinity of manuka is basically theft, says Victor Goldsmith, chairman of a number of East Coast land trusts.Beekeepers and researchers are collaborating to build a better honeybee Maryann Frazier, a researcher at Penn State's Center for Pollinator Research, checks on one of her experimental honeybee hives.Frazier says the Varroa mite poses one of the greatest dangers to honeybee populations.

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