Validating technique in psycohology

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We also wish to extend our thanks to Alan Gray, Ph. Many of them testify to the importance of maintaining continuous working contact with the psychiatrist, 36 FILMS IN PSYCHIATRY, PSYCHOLOGY & MENTAL HEALTH psychoanalyst, or psychologist designated as consultant, from inception of the story until completion of the film. t Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University.With this strong focus of attention has come the need for reliable descriptive and evaluative information on the films now in circulation. It is also felt that many of the films reviewed here attempt too much that is, their idea-density is too high and that in consequence many complex ideas are oversimplified. The two recent joint Conferences on Psychiatric Education of the American Psychi- atric Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges 1 ' 2 have focused to an important degree the trends and deficiencies, the accomplis- ments and new study areas of this key segment of medical education.Here the Medical Audio- Visual Institute of the Association of Ameri- can Medical Colleges has studied fifty-one films in psychiatry, psychology and mental health from the broad viewpoint of the medical audio-visual educator. In their experience, these educators find that the ensuing group discussion tends to focus on a limited aspect of the film. Yet nowhere has there been a serious critical study of the role of motion pictures in professional psychiatric instruction, despite their great potential to fill certain needs and to create intellectual and emotional experiences in sensi- tized individuals.But they are being used most extensively and effec- tively with community organizations, with parents eager to know child psychology, and with a general public hungry for an understanding of emo- tional disturbances and the ways to obtain professional help. With respect to the construction of mental health films, certain recom- mendations have been made by review panel members who use films educationally with general audiences. D.f THE USE OF MOTION PICTURES FOR THE TEACHING OF PSYCHIATRY JT SYCHIATRY is playing a major role in the current ferment in medical education.A host of films has been arriving in the educational and entertainment market in response to the present spotlight upon mental illness. There is considerable agreement on the need for films short enough to be presented at a meeting or in a class- room with ample time left over for adequate discussion. In the medical school and in continuing graduate education, it is an integrative force helping to knit together a compartmented curriculum through application of organismic concepts of human biology.

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