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This tool is featured quite prominently in the Parker Service Manual 5115.

There is no date on this service manual, but it only features double jewel lockdown filling vacumatics.

The Parker 51, introduced in 1941, is a fountain pen.

Parker’s period advertising called it “The World’s Most Wanted Pen,” a slogan alluding to restrictions on production of pens for the civilian market in the United States during World War II.

The bottom of the block is supposed to have a rubber indentation for gripping and removing clip screws (jewels) but mine does not have this feature.IN INDIA BLACK WITH LUSTRALOY BLUE DIAMOND CAP, WITH WIDE POLISHED LIP, AND VERY GOOD FROSTING. THIS PEN HAS BEEN FULLY SERVICED, NIB AND FEED SECTION HAS BEEN STRIPPED AND ULTR... The table also gives a very general guide of the basics of the pen with rega... Parker's continued advertising during the war created a demand that took several years to fulfill after the end of the conflict.A common misconception about Quink is that it was intended primarily for the Parker "51," which generated over 400 million dollars in sales during its thirty-year history.

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