Updating suse 9 0 to 9 2

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The Openfiler server will be configured to use this volume group for i SCSI based storage and will be used in our Oracle RAC 11 Release 2 (11.2), the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Oracle Clusterware software is packaged together in a single binary distribution and installed into a single home directory, which is referred to as the Grid Infrastructure home.

You must install the grid infrastructure in order to use Oracle RAC 11 Release 2.

This guide is provided for educational purposes only, so the setup is kept simple to demonstrate ideas and concepts.

For example, the shared Oracle Clusterware files (OCR and voting files) and all physical database files in this article will be set up on only one physical disk, while in practice that should be configured on multiple physical drives.

The system will consist of a two node cluster, both running Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) Release 5 Update 4 for x86_64, Oracle RAC 11).

Although this article should work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux (available for free) will provide the same if not better stability and will already include the ASMLib software packages (with the exception of the ASMLib userspace libraries which is a separate download).

Configuration assistants start after the installer interview process that configure ASM and Oracle Clusterware.

For a production RAC implementation, the private interconnect should be at least Gigabit (or more) with redundant paths and "only" be used by Oracle to transfer Cluster Manager and Cache Fusion related data.Instead, each voting disk is placed on a specific disk in the disk group.The disk and the location of the Voting Files on the disks are stored internally within Oracle Clusterware.A third dedicated network interface ( , for example) should be configured on another redundant Gigabit network for access to the network storage server (Openfiler).Oracle Documentation While this guide provides detailed instructions for successfully installing a complete Oracle RAC 11 system, it is by no means a substitute for the official Oracle documentation (see list below) .

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