Updating performance appraisals

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At the supervisor’s discretion and with Human Resources approval, an employee may be given an additional extended 60 days.

Special Appraisals can also be used during the appraisal period to recognize an employee whose performance has significantly changed since the last appraisal was given.

The Employee Relations Services team in Human Resources will work closely with the supervisor in preparing a detailed addendum to the appraisal and to establish a plan of action for correcting performance issues.

A follow up special appraisal should be completed 60 days from the date the “Below Standards” appraisal was issued.

Finally, the organization should follow an evaluation plan with an understanding of how to use the information it provides to improve the system.

The authors emphasize the importance of step 4 when they state: Steps 5, 6, and 7 involve designing, implementing, and evaluating the system.

Supervisors must contact Human Resources at 7-2554, prior to the end of the probationary period, to discuss the extension and/or next steps.

If the appraisal is determined to be "Needs Improvement" or “Below Standards,” contact Employee Relations at 7-2554 before completing the appraisal.

If current job is new, the current supervisor should collaborate with the prior supervisor on the appraisal.

SPECIAL APPRAISALS A special appraisal is always used as a follow-up to an overall rating of “Below Performance Standards”.

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