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I go into Data\Get External Data\New Database Query From the Databases tab, I select Excel Files. I then select which sheet I want to pull the data from.

Then I bring across the columns where the data is located in the source.

I can update the links manually by clicking edit\links\update now.

Is there a way to get the linked cells in the analysis spreadsheet to read the newly updated and saved information from the data spreadsheet automatically?

The block must be added to the Blocks table before it can be used. From what I can tell, this creates a 3D solid by taking either 3 or 4 points and then extruding the face in various directions. I think this is like Text but supports line breaks.

I’ll attempt to document the library here as I figure it out, but am no longer actively working with this library. If you have an update / bug fix, you can submit a pull request. Drawing() #set the color of the text layer to green d.layers.append(sdxf. These are appended to the Drawing and rendered in the order they’re added. Layers can be assigned colors to make drawings easier to read.

Layer(name="textlayer",color=3)) #add drawing elements d.append(sdxf. An entity can be assigned to a new layer on the fly, without explicitly defining the layer first.

The next thing I would consider is replacing the XL data entry workbook with an Access data base.

The UI can be almost identical, if desired, to the XL workbook and the database creation is probably just as simple.

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