Updating gigabyte bios ga k8n pro

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I've gotten everything up and running well, updated drivers, etc. The only problem I'm having is I cannot get any sound from the on-board AC97.

Device Manager shows latest drivers are installed, everything shows as working on the screen, but I can't get it to make a peep of sound.

even with all the usb options in the BIOS enabled, (even the redundant ones like enable usb kb and mouse.Physically, there's enough room, but adequate cooling could prove a problem.However, our pair of single-height, standard Ge Force 7800 GTX cards cooled themselves adequately during our overnight torture test (looping our intensive Far Cry benchmark).There's a hardware firewall on the Gigabit Ethernet connection, and the Media Shield RAID controller that will give you performance-enhancing striped arrays or more secure mirrored disks.Gigabyte provides two Ultra ATA connectors should you still have usable parallel interface disks.

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