Updating checked row data in table in cgi perl

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You're probably right when sayin Tex is "somewhat troublesome" :) I think i set up everything correct, as it is explained in this article, but I'm not sure about the correct program paths and their content. (assuming C:\...\htdocs\dewiki\ is my mediawiki main folder) if Util.run_in_other_directory tmppath (cmd_latex tmpprefix0) != 0 then (unlink_all (); raise (External Command Failure "latex")) else if (Sys.command (cmd_dvips tmpprefix) ! I have mediawiki 1.8.2 and I'm trying to install math support.When I browse to wiki.phtml I get the main page with the menus but I can't edit it or go to any of the special pages, I always get taken back to the main page (which is empty). Mintguy , (UTC) Also look for multiple copies of in your harddisk.Mine didn't start until I found that the right where to enable register_globals was the one inside c:\windows, NOT the one in the default php directory.Except TEX and some strange bug on the pages TEX problem: I instaled all the software mentioned in the guide (Ming, OCalm, Miktex, Image Magic), edited that file.but when I try to make such error pops up: ocamlopt -c 'as' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.It seems only the Linux version exists at There is no such thing as a Linux version or Win32 version of Media Wiki.It's written in cross-platform PHP and ought to run unchanged on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows, and any other platform that Apache PHP run on.

When I look at the php-files (and Local Settings.php) there seems to be something strange with the includes.Connected to 5.0.22-community-nt Created database wikidb Creating tables... The Media Wiki installer did create the databases and tables as PHPAdmin shows them present, but when I go to the default page and it (implicitly) runs index.php, all I get is the cryptic error message I'm not sure exactly what is wrong, is there a way to get more information so it can tell me why it can't connect?Hi to all I instaled Wiki pedia in W2K3 everything works.thanks in advance You have no connection to your DB. One of them can be in new authentication algorithm in My SQL 4. Another can be in invalid login/password or My SQL daemon config.--Strang , (UTC) Hi, I have the following problem installing Media Wiki on a Windows as well on a Linux system.

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