Updating apache server live

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in mysql console: SOURCE "c:/your-file-path.txt";that should bring in your old user and password in the old format.17.check if you import worked by selecting from users (use mysql; select * from user;)18.I had some fun upgrading from mysql-4.1.15-win32 (mysql 4.1) to mysql-5.0.41-win32.I figured I would write down what I did to save people time. I used the no-installer to get the version 5 mysql.Goto regedit in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/Current Control Set/Service Find mysql and delete. This may seem obvious, but: Step 6 says to overwrite your existing My SQL install, but if you do, you'll overwrite any security changes you may have made to the mysql database (most probably the user and db tables).

I ran mysql_upgrade from a batch file: C:\mysql5\bin\mysql_--datadir=c:/mysql5/data/ --basedir=c:/mysql5/ -u [email protected] all your old and files that were left over from previous installs and put them in you backup folder with the other ziped folders so the new install can't see them.8.place mysql 5's unzipped stuff where ever you want it to run from (mine is c:/mysql5.9.You do not need to uninstall the service Simply change the file in C:\windows\Then copy the new to the oldversion/bin/ folder.Change the line basedir=C:/apache/mysql tobasedir=C:/apache/newversionfor example or whatever you called the new folder.

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