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They go a double date, where Terra and Aqualad are confused by Beast Boy and Raven's excessive pretend flirting.

However, their plan does not work as Terra and Aqualad remain together.

Slade (presumed mentor)Raven (on occasion)Starfire (on occasion)Ravager Jinx Aqualad (ex-boyfriend/former love interest)Beast Boy (ex-boyfriend/former love interest)Cyborg Robin The Brain (temporary partner) Terra (Tara Markov) is a villain and enemy to the Teen Titans.

She made her debut in the episode "Terra-ized" which she serves as the true main antagonist.

When the girls' were stopped by a reinforced door, she used her earth-controlling abilities to hurl rocks at it, which had no effect.

In "The Titans Show", she was seen among dozens of villains who were secretly watching the Titans' make fools of themselves on national television.

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Six months later, she escaped and swore revenge on the Titans, but was once again thwarted by Raven.

They then work harder to drive a wedge between Terra and Aqualad by ruining all of their moments together.

Terra and Aqualad get more and more annoyed with each other until they are on the verge of splitting up, however they eventually spot Beast Boy and Raven, figuring out they're responsible for the sabotage.

Terra dislikes Raven very much due to her defeat in a battle with Raven at the end of the episode.

Though all the other Titans are blinded by her disguise, Raven discovers her secret.

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