Tall friends dating

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After all, the average female height for Asian women is somewhere between 5’0-5’4, so every time a tall woman walks into a room, she automatically gets more attention.

You can shamelessly flaunt your tall date to your friends and family and be sure that she will be met with many compliments and she will also be asked for advice on how to grow taller!

I’m 5’8 or 173 cm and I can assure you that not a single day goes by without some random person or the other commenting on how tall I am.

I remember back when I was in the 10 grade, one of my teachers actually came up to me and said I should stop growing any taller if I ever want to find a husband!

My boyfriend is perfect for me in almost every way; he’s loving, supportive, intelligent, funny and all around an awesome guy. When I first met my current boyfriend, I was immediately drawn to him.

For some reason, it is deemed acceptable to criticize a man for his height.

On the other hand, a tall woman looks her age and you don’t have to worry about coming across as a pervert while the two of you are hanging out.

After all, the average Indian man is somewhere between 5’6-5’8 and I’ve had the misfortune of being around many (short) people who refused to stand next to me just because of my height.Best of all, you never pay a dime at the Tall people dating site because it is totally free.Browse single tall people and meet new friends today! Are you yourself of tall stature and you’re looking to meet others like you in your local area?If she decides to have a sleepover with you and doesn’t have a change of clothes, she could wear your baggy T-shirts and still look sexy in them without completely drowning in it.Did you know, taller people are less prone to obesity?

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