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Public exposure is a necessary step toward fixing these problems.

"Once my name was cleared, I applied to get my daughter back and I was told under . "They tell me no power on earth can change things," he said. The quote below summarizes their point of view: The current undue emphasis on confidentiality only masks problems inherent in child protection systems.

"I would say she was undermined by social services . "I had joint custody of my daughter, which basically meant she was with me every day from early morning until the evening," he explained.

This is his story: "We weren’t married and we had broken up but when she told me she was pregnant, I was determined to be the best father I could be," he recalled. The children’s mother was receiving social assistance and her ability to look after her children was under constant scrutiny. she never really had a chance to succeed once they started with her," he suggested.

Finally, six months later and after gaining some weight and getting a belly, the mother asked the doctor if the bowel problem had caused her to gain weight and a belly, and FINALLY the doctor did a pregnancy test and indeed she was six months pregnant. So my wife called the humane society and gave them her name and asked if they remembered her being in there about a month ago. "She just snapped at me and she was snapping at the other pups. Mrs Cooling, and two kennel workers who were bitten by the puppy have received hospital treatment.

However, despite our doubts regarding the doctor's diagnosis of allergies in the baby, who showed absolutely no signs of any allergies (the doctor based the diagnosis on simply what the mother told him about the baby having puffy eyes, a rash all over his body and sneezing all the time. Other animals that may have come into contact with the puppy were being checked, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

SWAT Team Grabs Baby April 30, 2008 permalink Here is a CAS experience posted to Canada Court Watch by a man using the screen name Papa John. Child abuse deaths and near deaths reflect the system’s worst failures.

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expand collapse Papa John Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 pm Subject: Need input... Due to a completely ridiculous argument my son's ex started simply because she could not go to a talent show because of no tickets being left, and her blaming our son for it who had absolutely nothing to do with it, the girl left our home stating she was taking the baby to a doctor's appointment. We told her that she and her family could come and visit the child any time they wanted but until there was a court order in place they would not be able to take him out of our home. In Canada the law is very clear that if there is no court order for custody then either parent can keep the child in their custody and there is nothing the other parent can do until a court order is in place. Our son, in accordance with the laws, refused to do so and informed the worker of the mother abusing his rights (this wasn't actually informing the worker it was reminding her as she knew for weeks what the mother was doing but didn't do anything about it). Well, my son informed the worker that the child also needed to be with his father but the mother was abusing that. worker that he had already filed for custody and he was well within his rights to keep the baby. In the past ten years we have found only ten cases in the press of children dying in state custody, though the best statistical estimates are that there must have been 280 or more in that period. A social worker who runs a charity that brings street dogs from Sri Lanka into the UK was one of three people bitten by a puppy infected with rabies.OK, without going into as long drawn out story here I will just state pertinent facts pertaining to the question. They stormed our home (yes STORMED as if they were raiding an Al-Qauaida strong hold) with about 10 regular police officers and also the Tactical Response Unit (S. We later found out there was no doctor's appointment, she just used that as an excuse to take the baby and leave and never come back. Our son went to the court the day after his son came back into his custody and filed for custody. Our son also reminded the worker of the environment in the mother's home. knew about) living in the home dating the mother's sister. He informed the worker he was totally willing to be fair to the mother regarding custody but until a court order was in place to protect his rights as a father he was not turning the baby over. When they entered the home, after violently shoving my son down for no reason, one of the officers said they had a warrant to apprehend the baby. He then asked why they were taking the baby and was told it was none of his business. You can read their press release (pdf) or our local copy and the full report, State Secrecy and Child Deaths in the U. Kim Cooling was "nipped" on the chin, wrist and face by the dog, which died two days later in quarantine.Since November of 2007 my family has been involved in a huge nightmare perpetrated by the Children's Aid Society (C. Since she left my son's ex had been abusing his legal rights as a father and refusing to allow him access to his son. The mother and her parents and friends smoking pot in the home around the baby all the time, a pedophile (that C. Her uncle being constantly in care of the baby even though he has already been charged and convicted of murdering his own child. The worker tried to use a lame excuse that the mother was enrolled in a program called Abigail's. I told the officer I wanted to see the warrant and I was immediately, and brutally attacked by the officer and told I was under arrest for obstructing a peace officer. The puppy was one of 13 dogs brought by the charity to Chingford Quarantine Kennels in north-east London.Symptoms that not even her parents or other family members saw nor anyone else saw), we still got rid of our two cats and a dog. But it stressed that further infections were "highly unlikely" and the UK remained "free of rabies" because the case had occurred in quarantine.This allergy story was just the mother's excuse for trying to keep the child from our son. 'System working' Acting Chief Veterinary Officer Alick Simmons said: "While initial tests show that this puppy has tested positive for rabies, this shows that the system is working and the case has been picked up while the animal is in quarantine.

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