Sons of anarchy dating trouble updating metal of honor

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Either Jax is on the streets or it all comes crashing down in Charming.

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I will now forever be bothered by the fact that Gemma killed Tara without the proper direct motivation, but I already do not miss the character’s presence in my life, so I guess it all evens out.Try not to trip over my empathy on your way onto the next topic. He walks in on a shellshocked Gemma sitting next to Tara’s body, and then shoots Roosevelt to remove Gemma’s presence from the equation.”You betrayed me.” We already knew Juice was headed down the path of no return after last week’s awkwardly placed confession to Nero about Darvany’s death, and his extended conversation with Gemma only confirmed that his presence in this episode would be one of note. As of this point, it’s unclear why he did it, but I like to think he wanted to help Gemma one last time for being so warm with him throughout his life with the club.I don’t see how Alvarez wouldn’t expect immediate retribution, but now that he’s gotten in bed with Nero and Lin, he probably thinks he’s bulletproof.And considering August is getting all the guns from the Irish, I’m not sure where Team Brown and Yellow think they’ll be getting their weapons from now on. This is obviously the big set-up for next year, as not-quite-rival factions will all butt heads over a business that Jax has been trying to distance himself from.

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