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youre really charming, incredible, and your face is really makes the people mostly 'woman' are dying and crazy about you. I really like your acting in the descendants of the sun. You know how much I admire you in Music Bank & Running Man. I like him more now :) I so love this guy, it's crazy. can't wait for the drama to finish cos am one of does ppl who don't see a drama till Its over. I'm waiting for it since Innocent Man many of your fans here in the Philippines are waiting for your upcoming drama. I mean I love " The Innocent Man " (-u-)(*@*)/( - )\ But the other one I don't know too. Before I love to read novel book but now I love to watch Korean Drama every night. Sometime I like this actor or actress but next time I hate them. Before I am Thai drama fan but now never watch Thai drama anymore. But to all korean directors I request to cast song joong ki and park bo young again in some another drama so that we can watch them together more . Hi :) i just finished watching nice guy (the innocent man) and it was so so so good! you still look good after returning : D i can't wait to see you in next weeks episode of running man~ hwaiting! I hope you'll be reading this and respond to my mail. Sarangjeo song-joong Ki.:) This actor Song Joog-Ki is such a remarkable actor. But that's how amazing you are, through your work of art... And I love to see u in Descendants of the Sun as Yoo Shi-Jin. Saranghaeeeee joongki does not have any social media account , so guys beware of fake account and oh the statement was confirmed by his company , you can look on internet about tht . how i wish to met you I love to see you again in Running Man oppa.. I hope my wish be granted if not this year, "whenever"; I'm wishing you success and a happy love life in the future. I like him." Since then I have been following all of his projects. But I think it was a good decision because he become incredibly 100x more handsome and cooler and charismatic and perfect when he discharged. I am just glad his come back drama is doing so well even if it wasn't I would still watch. wish u a record breaking rating he's so good.a acting are so natural i love how he do different facial expression specially in front of the woman he love(descendants of the sun)i cant wait for every episode of that drama and he really fit to the role of a captain,oh my!! I'm happy Song Jungki's new drama series Decendants of the sun. I am not sure, how long can I be your fan cause my mind always change. i've posted somewhere months months ago...SHK is happy with a little younger bf (without proof).... you are very natural actor and I was really empressed when I saw first in the dots show . Plz visit India #your fans and lovers are waiting for you ?? DOTS has 16 episodes but for all the fans around the world, it's too short for a very nice story. Jong-ki was so great..when is he never not great in whatever drama-movie he's in. This drama is 8 yrs old however he hasn't aged at all. Wish him cont success wether in acting r other mentions. I hope and I wish that I can see you and I can go to South Korea so that I can be truly happy . plz plz visit in india #your fans and lovers are waiting? first film i watched him is on 'a werewolf boy' and it makes me crazzy because of him. i was fall and fall when i see you iart beats fast its like tug-dug, tug-dug,tug-dug... Song joong-ki you are so cute, I really like your drama descendants of the sun. Your smile is so cute and you make me wanna watch more Korean drama from you. its my first time to like korean movies it takes no nights to watch descendants of the sun.feeling that i really like the story im watching it all over again...

Fighting..This is my first time commenting online, as I don't normally share my thoughts unless it's to my family... ......anyone ever felt like as if song joonki's voice cud bring alive any male character in your he could!! I don't know what will happen to me but I wanted to see you in real life.... Why oh why they look good together and no other korean star will match with song joong ki but only hye kyo. I look forward to watching DOTS part 2 with the same actors. I haven't completed your movie and I already have a big crush on you... His name is Ji Chang Wook I love u sjk but I can't resist loving him more because he deserves it too When I first saw Soong Jong Ki in the movie Descendants of the Sun i was like.. sarang heyo OPPA words cant even begin to describe..i literally almost fell in love with you...i almost flew to korea just to see you..goodness your role in innocent man as kang maroo is unforgettable..are just so damn charming.handsome,cute and beautiful..i love your looks complimented by your you song joong were also good in DOTSbut as for me i fell for you in innocent man...waiting for more of your dramas..up the good work,,,and the good looks I can't move on with the DOTS specially the Song Song Couple. Specially on the character you portrayed in DOTS and the nice guy (innocent man). You're really a great actor, elite in your own craft. For me, DOTS wouldn't be as successful as it is if you're not the one who portray Yo Shi- Ji because your looks plus the guts you added on it makes you more adorable and the story exciting. From running man up to your marriage I've supported you oppa hhahahah I am your solid fan ! The first time I heard she was marrying her leading man in DOTS. Now that I have finished watching it ( which acually took me just 1 and a half days to finish it.

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