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If a spelling error is bad enough that it actually takes on a second meaning that is also valid, she will instead "correct" it by confirming it is what she meant.When sober, does not make typos except for intentional misspellings ('le SIGN'), but keeps all other aspects of her quirk.), flat tummy, and the type of ass that Levi jeans were made for.

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Uses emoticons such as ":)" and ":(" in normal conversation, but doomed alternate John was once seen to use "8O" when he saw "Spidermom".

She doesn't know about this site yet so I have to post when she is not here.

A typing quirk is a systematic method of typing, in almost all cases deviating from the standard usage of punctuation and capitalization, though grammatical rules are generally upheld.

So, tomorrow we will try our panty bathing suit thing and see if it helps.

What other ways other than pizza guys, trying on shoes, etc are good ways?

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