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MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) -- Young women in bright miniskirts and high heels line up to sell themselves in the dingy back streets throughout the Russian capital.

Moscow's illegal flesh markets are flourishing, with up to 30 women at each pickup point, or tochka, standing in order of price for the night.

"I was crying all the time, telling her, 'I don't want this kind of job,' " she said.

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She says she was lured to Russia from Nigeria four years ago by her uncle.

He promised to give her a college education, she says.

Christine managed to escape after meeting a woman from a church who helped her.

But instead, she says, he sent her to a Moscow brothel. I cannot do any other job." She added, "It made me feel very bad.

He told her "the kind of job I'm going to be doing is prostitution." "I ask him, 'Why prostitution? I felt that I'm not going to do it over my dead body." But when she tried to run away, her uncle cut her face, says Christine, who asked that her last name not be used.

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