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My best answer is you should check with the police record and find out more of his past history.If it was just a stupid mistake he made, and no other times, then maybe according to your own feeling giving him a chance. This is not to *assume* that he will re-offend, simply because from what he told you, it wasn't on purpose. However, if it was intentional (even if he thought she was older, but still underage), chances of re-offending are high.

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He called her a few days later and she said for him to pick her up at her house, she would be outside waiting for him.

same with her little friends.i'd be careful of that one Up to this point, I've been liking the guy. I took this as far as I could legally and her sexual predator only got 4 months in the house of correction. Do telling you the truth make him a different person that you would denied all the good stuff he has???

It is a tough question to answer that if you should romantically involved with him.

So here's the story: When he was 23 years old, he was out at a bar throwing a few back.

He ran into a chick that he used to sleep with who was 18 or 19 years old and a friend of hers.

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