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I held her head, thrusting into her hot mouth for a few more strokes before erupting.

She swallowed gamely, sucking me dry, before pulling away.

She bobbed her head up and down slowly a few times, then lifted up, sucking hard, and pulled off me with an audible pop. Sticking your hard prick in your teacher's nasty mouth? Suck me off, please." It didn't take a lot of time or finesse. Me." She turned and pressed her lips to Shannon's, kissing her deeply. Not with you guys here." We gave Teri a couple more minutes. "Maybe if you're good, the girls will allow you some more practice. I figured that Max may have convinced Wendy to join him in his tent after all.

" Teri surprised me for the umpteenth time tonight by leaning over Shannon and kissing her softly. I'd love to see you with him, if just this once." Shannon turned her head to Lisa, for another, deeper kiss. " Everyone nodded, watching while her sexy mouth lowered over my cock. " "I swear, this thing isn't going down until dawn. I walked through the second shelter, where we'd spent such an interesting evening, finding it empty.

Spotting her son in the doorway Linda put her hands on her hips..big bobbling pear-shaped breasts ballooning outward. Giving her son a silent scold, yet with a hint of a smile Linda closed the bedroom door. His brick hard erection strained against the fabric, pushing it way out. She felt the lips of her clam tighten and her large areola begin to harden. I sit on my husbands lap all the time and yet it never feels anything like this. With her arms now around him she gently rocked and once again squeezed her pillowy cheeks hard around his girthy erection. "You might wanna change your shorts before you come downstairs." She said, with a little smile. "Bobby." She said, almost playfully, as she grabbed them. I'll put the rest of them in your hamper." He said. How good that silk must feel against the glands of his penis. Long strings of semen dropped towards the basket and she caught one with her fingers. His eyes couldn't help but follow his mom around the kitchen. He kept reliving the mornings events in his turning towards him, placing her hands on her soft hips..dangling breasts, still glistening from the shower, doing a gentle teeter back and forth. Again, the scene unfolded..turning...breasts rocking...placing her hands on her wide birthing hips. Bobby froze the image in his mind...taking it all in.

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I should have mentioned that in the first chapter, where she provided a lot of insightful advice. A beautiful naked teacher, all primed and ready to go." I could see that Julie had her hand between Shannon's legs, and Lisa was playing with her tits. You don't get us, until you do her first." I was torn. Nobody has to ever know." Shannon might have been drunk, but she wasn't completely gone. She kept me in her mouth, letting me finish then sat back on her heels, opening her mouth for us, showing it coated from top to bottom with my cream. I watched as Shannon moved over next to Julie, putting her arm around my girlfriend's waist. She was moaning from the beginning, and it didn't take me too long to get her to come for me. When she came, the moans rose in pitch, quieting afterward. There are two of us, you know." "Lisa, I'm dying to taste your sweet little pussy." "Let her legs go," I told my accomplices in the ravishing of our teacher. Half of forever will do." I was feeling strong, in no hurry to finish. I pulled out of her, rolling her over, and lifting her hips high. Julie shuffled over on her knees, looking down at where I was sliding in and out of our teacher. She grinned and brought her lips to mine, kissing me warmly, our tongues playing, while I fucked Shannon. "Always, with you sissy." I turned and kissed Lisa, for a long, long time almost missing it when Shannon's moans started rising. I couldn't tell one from the other, not by look or taste. As long as we can play later." Lisa gave her a hug.

"I guess we'll just have to get started early." She looked around, "It's our secret right? I noticed that some of the sleeping bags were intimately close, but I kept my distance, not wanting to interfere with budding romance. I love to watch her walk away from me." I got a squeeze from beside me.

"I'm so worked up now, I won't last 10 seconds," I warned her. "I'm going to suck you dry, then you can do me, Ok? The girls pulled me to the ground, gathering around, and then Shannon was between my legs, holding my cock in her hand, looking at it. Next summer I was going to fuck your pretty brains out." She gave my cock a lick. The camp had completely died down, and things were pretty quiet.

" "I wanted to graduate first, so we wouldn't risk your job. Who else would be willing to share with someone like you or Miss Shannon? I had my coffee pot with me, planning to fill it with water.

She pulled back, a sticky string stretching between their lips, turning to Lisa. Lisa leaned over me, caressing my side, her hand wandering down to my ass, squeezing my butt cheek. " she asked, while I drove my cock in and out of our teacher with a nice leisurely pace, enjoying myself. Making her come like that." She kissed my shoulder. I looked around for Teri, who was laying on her side, watching us, her hand between her legs. I was losing track, even my cock was getting confused.

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