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Because the health of my triple energizer channel was impaired—I wound up doing a lot of research to help with my own healing.

, triple burner, triple warmer etc.) I found the Triple Energizer's role with fluids very interesting in the process of metabolism, digestion, hormones and obesity.

But the story gets even better, so I'll come back to it shortly.

Because of my own experience with a recent surgery, I was keenly aware of the damage that surgery and scar tissue can cause in the meridians.

How Surgery Affects the Triple Energizer General anesthesia impairs normal body functions.

It affects breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

I also tried channel theory, auriculotherapy, tonification and sedation points, musculoskeletal ashi treatments, electrical stimulation, cupping, and massage.

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Triple Energizer Treatment Strategies Since all the channels run through the middle of the body as they flow through the cycle of energy from Lung to Liver—often, Triple Energizer problems will manifest as upper/lower body imbalances.

If you consider how the energy flows from channel to channel, beginning with the Lung and ending with the Liver—each has to cross through the upper, middle and lower burners of the triple energizer to move forward in its natural flow.

When movement through the Triple Energizer is slow or blocked, it is impossible for the other channels to function at full capacity.

By Kimberly Thompson, LAc Recently I had a surgery, which greatly affected my Triple Energizer channel.

I found myself in bed with a lot of time on my hands trying to recuperate.

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