Ryan ross and brendon urie dating blind dating memorable quotes

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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction "hi, my name is y/n urie, I'm kinda lost" was when joe and y/n met "You can stay at my flat" was when joe slowly fell in love with this girl "I love you" was when joe first realized that she was the one for him "My dad is brendon urie" was when...

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After the benefit Brendon dropped me off at Ryan's house."Hey hon.""Hi," his voice was emotionless."What's wrong? You don't even like him why can't you just tell your parents that?

its a rockstar thing for guys make out with guys cuz aparently girls LOVE it 3.

i dout he is gay he is more likely bi sorry for the crappy spelling Other Answer: Yes, He Is Gay.

It's been two years," He was yelling now."The last time I tried to tell them my mother nearly threw a fit.""Well maybe you should just continue this fake relationship with Brendon, but leave me out of it.""Are you breaking up with me? " The tears were running down my face."Okay, I'll leave then.""Don't be an idiot I'll drive you, you live two miles away are you planning on walking? Normally Ryan would have run after me, but I guess he really didn't like me anymore.

I was walking for a little while until I was a car pull up next to me.

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