Roger bobb dating kenya moore shahid kapoor dating

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Claudia Jordan meets them there wearing a full-length duster coat worn over hot pants.Kenya doesn’t know how she and Claudia are single (ahem… ), but she’s ready to date and Claudia should be too.Kenya also assures Demetria she does not want any one else’s man – even if he is Roger Bobb! Rest assured of that – but she will flirt and text like hell with your man. popcorn time because look what the cops dragged in: Apollo! Just shut-up Kenya 2.0 – Krayonce must be holding cue-cards for you in the interviews.Furthermore, Kenya is pissed – she only came to this party hoping Roger Bobb could introduce her to people in the industry so she could further own career, now she has to hang out with his low-rent pseudo girlfriend and make nice. While Demetria is having all kinds of technical difficulties from side-boob, to missing boyfriends, to videos that won’t play, Apollo waltzes through the door, plops down next to Phaedra and starts threatening that if she doesn’t play nice, he’ll make a scene. Just because Cynthia is fine with her huzzzzband making a fool of her, doesn’t mean Phaedra should be!

Phaedra is relieved to have a girls night out away from the tension of Apollo’s moodiness, and away from the children Apollo ignores.

Ne Ne’s extra-special gay must have tired of her telling him he is part of the Ne Ne Leakes Collection, available in sizes 2 – 24 and for sale on HSN so that all her fans can get the ‘Ne Ne Experience’ so he enacted revenge with that hair-helmet. get that girl a mirror and a Kim Zolciak wig for Christmas.

And please let Gregg off that order that decrees he must be within 10 feet of Ne Ne at all times.

Kandi Burruss‘ family is having a BBQ, she arrives with Todd, and she’s not speaking to Joyce because her boyfriend destroyed the house Kandi gave her, which Kandi, for some reason, didn’t know until after she bought MJ a new house. Mama Joyce needs to look up the definitions of “appreciation” and “help” and “sane.” It appears everyone at the party loves Todd – which HA! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nothing involving Peter is going to be “prosperous” but keep living on a prayer girl.

Eventually one of the aunts force Joyce and Kandi to have a sit-down. the medication for my aneurism is making me feel faint, I haven’t the strength to fight. Mama Joyce: YOU need Jesus because surely that crazy-ass delusional behavior is the work of the devil! #Fix It Jesus At The Bailey Agency, new ‘friend’ of the Housewife Demetria Mc Kinney wants Cynthia Bailey to help cast her music video.

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