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The evidence many find persuasive: radiometric dating.

But is radiometric dating really the objective hard science many believe it to be?

It’s science and many believe “science” to be synonymous with “always true” and therefore don’t question the data given, even when it contradicts the Bible – which also claims to be always true in information that it affirms.

So when the two contradict – as they do with the age of the universe and the earth – many abandon the faith and reject the Genesis account because current science tells them that the universe and the earth is billions of years old, and disregard the biblical account – which indicates an age of about 6,000 years.

One expert admitted: Or consider the statement of an evolutionist who didn’t agree with the radiometric dating (using five different radiometric techniques) of Australia’s “Mungo Man”, thinking it placed humans in Australia too early.

He stated: So here’s another evolutionist who refused to accept the results given from radiometric dating.

From the data above, obviously that is not the case.

Radioactive decay occurs (usually) at a regular rate, so scientists attempt to use that property as a clock to mark time. The mass is comprised of the protons and Neutrons (electrons are so light they are can typically be ignored.) This means it has 6 protons and 6 neutrons.

Here’s how the method is supposed to work: Looking at carbon in the periodic table we see this: “6” is the atomic number and means it has 6 protons. A carbon “isotope” is formed when the number of neutrons vary from what is expected from the atomic weight.

For take off, a pilot needs to know things like: wind direction and speed, runway direction and length, aircraft weight, air temperature and altitude above sea level, runway condition (wet, dry, snow covered, etc.). And as noted above, those guess have been shown to be consistently wrong.

Given all the needed factors (and pilots are required to know them and plan for them before every flight) a pilot can accurately predict the performance of his aircraft so he can determine whether he can safely take off and conduct the flight. The Science and Guesswork of Radiometric Dating The science Age is not a quantity that can be directly measured.

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