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He has set his priorities straight and nothing can worry him because he has built in back up plans that can hold him when in crisis.Security: emotional stability is not the only thing you get when you are dating older men. Now before you start going crazy about this point let me explain.That means that you don’t have extreme ups and downs that affects greatly a relationship.Dating older men means that you are seeing a man who is stable with his emotions, he is not freaking out over petty stuff.I’m not suggesting you start dating older men just because they are rich and because they will pay for everything so that you can stay home and quit your job!Working in creative things will make you happy either way and you should never stop doing what you love. So many marriage counseling starts when financial problems arise after getting married. Financial issues lead to arguments and if you are not prepared to deal with them, you might end up breaking up or having a divorce if you are married.Older Men Know What They Want: no more dating boys who are giving you all kinds of excuses to break up with you just because they are not sure what to do in life.Dating older men means that you have a real man next to you who has thought about things and is sure first of all about himself.

Sure, society has its ways to categorize ages and put rules around who should have a relationship with who, but these rules mean nothing when loves come in.Maybe he has travelled a lot and can give you a taste of different cultures from around the world.That will make him open minded and ready to accept new ideas since he has seen that not only path leads to the truth.Love does not recognize ages and we have many examples where women dating older men had an amazing time with them or ended up marrying these guys.On the other had, there are some undeniable disadvantages when you are dating older men.

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