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In fact, they haven't even addressed the topic of evolution.(The situation isn't helped by poor science education generally.

The confusion arises when the 2nd law is phrased in another equivalent way, "The entropy of a closed system cannot decrease." Entropy is an indication of unusable energy and often (but not always!

) corresponds to intuitive notions of disorder or randomness.

Creationists thus misinterpret the 2nd law to say that things invariably progress from order to disorder.

Once the differences appear, the theory of evolution calls for differential reproductive success. "There are no transitional fossils." A transitional fossil is one that looks like it's from an organism intermediate between two lineages, meaning it has some characteristics of lineage A, some characteristics of lineage B, and probably some characteristics part way between the two.

For example, maybe the animals with longer appendages survive to have more offspring than short-appendaged ones. Transitional fossils can occur between groups of any taxonomic level, such as between species, between orders, etc.

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