Ppositive and negative effects dating

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This happens due to lack of experience and a broader understanding of what relationships are (Dasgupta, 2011).

The problems of teen dating involving violence, sex, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide are primarily caused by stressful life events, peer influence, and failure of parents to take their children away from harmful activities.

The study also revealed that girls who date boys two or more years older than them are more likely to drink alcohol, try marijuana and smoke (Mack, 2010).

Teen Dating Violence: Unhealthy relationships can start early and last a lifetime. Domestic Violence Adolescents and adults are often unaware that teens experience dating violence.

Teenagers mostly, do not understand the necessity of sustaining a relationship over a period of time.

Love, Intimacy, and Technology While movies, books, plays, and love songs certainly provide all individuals with a distorted view of both love and intimacy in today’s day and age, It also seems that it does not matter where love is mentioned or in what it is mentioned in people act like starved animals that are in need of a steak dinner.

Substance Abuse: A link exists between teen dating and substance abuse, according to a 2004 study conducted by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.

The study found that teenagers who spend 25 or more hours a week with a girlfriend or boyfriend are more likely to abuse substances.

Dating violence often starts with teasing and name calling. In a nationwide survey, 9.4 percent of high school students report being hit, slapped, or physically hurt on purpose by their boyfriend or girlfriend in the 12 months prior to the survey (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011).

These behaviors are often thought to be a “normal” part of a relationship. About 1 in 5 women and nearly 1 in 7 men who never experienced rape, physical violence, and or stalking by an intimate partner, first experienced some form of partner violence between 11 and 17 years of age (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010)....

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