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What people outside of Utah, and possibly Utahns themselves, may find interesting is those people within the state who do end up getting divorced are more likely to remarry, according to the Department of Workforce Services.“When a first marriage ends they’re giving up on that, but they’re not giving up on marriage in general,” Higginbotham said.“People who are single and divorced still by and large want to have the companionship and benefits of having a partner.”Still, when it comes to getting back into the dating game Utah does fall behind the rest of the U. with 22.7 percent of men, and 23.2 of women, 15 years old and older, married two times or more.George comes in at 28.7 percent and for women 30.4 percent, Census data indicated.However, numbers aside, some experts are more apt to focus on being able to enjoy the single life.So, as we usher in Cupid – that creepy looking cherub trying to attack people with its tiny little bow & arrow – we welcome Valentine’s Day with feelings of emotional & physical security, right? The REAL truth is, is the key to inviting someone new into our lives. We are all put at risk with our physical and emotional selves as we go out into this vast world to seek “that perfect match”. Will that significant other blow you off to find someone on Tinder, Match, Ok Cupid? ) while laughter escapes (I swear I hear them wheezing from the run) the very lips that will soon bump into their significant other (ouch! ) the minute they both gracefully trip into each other’s arms and onto the soft pillow of willowy grass (or that big pile of perfectly placed dog poop)…He said there are about three women for every two men among people ages 40 and under in the LDS Chrurch.Birger pointed out that sociologists have seen that within all religious organizations, men are more likely to leave, creating the wider gap between singles.“Some of the single men I interviewed acknowledged to me that the singles wards have become like meat markets,” Birger said.

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In Iron County, 50.3 percent were women and 49.7 were male.Bella De Paulo, psychology project scientist at the University of California, said she encourages people to be in a place they don't feel like being in a relationship is the main concern."Go out and about think about your whole life," De Paulo said.Ahhhh yes, welcome to the dreaded, ahem…I mean glorious, month of February….either you love it or hate it depending upon the status of your relationship, your stage in life, or merely that you love paying 0.00 for flowers that you can get for .00 the day after Valentine’s. Fade to black as the couple’s faces register disgust… But seriously, all of us want a touch of romance in our lives (maybe without the dog poop), mostly when it’s surrounding us in all its fantastical Hallmark glory – but let’s do it safely, okay?Singles with no college education between the ages of 18 to 45 will find there is a higher percent of single men than women, about 1.2 men per woman, at least until the age of 46 when the number hikes past all the others to 3.6 single women for each man.But just how long are these singles staying single?

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